The National Science Centre (PSN) provides the latest basic facilities to ensure that visitors receive the best in quality and comfort. Apart from providing basic facilities, there are also other extra infrastructures such as the auditorium and the activity arena. All facilities are well taken care of by PSN. You can also book through the online Facility Booking Form provided.

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Resource Centre


The PSN Resource Centre was opened in 1996 as one of the facilities for the staff off the National Science Centre. In the year 2001, membership was opened to the public.




Ibnu Sina Auditorium


The National Science Centre is equipped with two auditoriums. Ibnu Sina Auditorium has the capacity to accommodate 250 people at one time and it is suitable for formal events such as launching of a programme or product.




Quantum Auditorium


Quantum Auditorium is design based on a lecture hall concept and can fit about 80 people.





Activity Arena


The Activity Arena is located at the Science Wonderland area and is used to conduct various indoor sports activities and outside programmes such as aerobics exercise, campfire and many more. The area is wide and comfortable making it a conducive location for leisure activities.






The Cafeteria is located next to the souvenir shop and has a green landscape for the background. The conducive and coziness makes the place perfect for taking a break while enjoying a meal. Visitors can also enjoy the panoramic view of Science Wonderland from the Cafeteria porch.





There are two prayer rooms that have been prepared for the staff and visitors of PSN to conduct their prayers and it is able to fit around 200 people. The prayer room is also used for various religious activities such as tahlil, the reading of Yasin, tarawih and many more.



Multipurpose Hall


The Multipurpose Hall can be rented at the prescribed rate for banquets, launching events and workshops. It is equipped with round tables which have 150 seats





Souvenir Shop


The shop is located next to the National Science Centre building. The uniqueness of this store is that among of variety of the items sold, most of it revolve around concept of science, mind twisters and teasers. Memorabilia of National Science Centre item such as pens, key chains, mugs, T-shirts can also be found here.



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