Science Wanderer Programme

The Science Wanderer Programme is a programme by invitation which is targeted to those who live outside the city to give them an opportunity to come to PSN. Invitations catered to several different bodies and institutions such as Government Departments, organizations, schools, NGO as well as state level.

The concept is based on science demonstrations and interactive displays. The objective is to provide an effective impact in developing new ways in understanding science, technology and innovation. This programme started out as a ‘portable display caravan’ which move around the Lembah Klang area, and later on, was upgraded to a bus that now explores the entire Peninsula Malaysia.

To book this programme, please fill out the Science Wanderer Programme Booking Form 2 weeks in advance before the event.

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Jumlah Pengunjung PSN
24-Jun-2024 : 529 Orang
Bulan Lepas : 97979 Orang
Bulan Ini : 54587 Orang