Science Camp Programme

This programme started out in 2009 and is created for the purpose of giving selected students ages 13 to 14 that live in rural areas a chance to learn science and technology through interactive activities similar to a ‘summer camp’ environment. The 4 days and 3 nights programme was done using an integrated approach. It involves 4 components related to the development of a role model where and touches on the elements of spirituality, mental, intellectual and physical.

The programme was organized with the cooperation of the Science and Technology Unit at state level alongside the Ministry of Education as well as the invited agencies. In 2011, the theme Space Science was chosen and has attracted partners to further stabilize and strengthen the venture between PSN, Yayasan Angkasawan Malaysia & CETREE, USM. The program also involved participations from Mejar Dr. Faiz Khaleed, one of Malaysia’s astronauts.

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