Science On Wheels Programme

‘Science on Wheels’ comes in the form of a display bus which began its mission in 2007 by bringing display items throughout peninsula Malaysia with the theme ‘The Glory of Science during the Islamic Ages’. In an effort to develop ideas and building creative minds in science and technology, the National Science Centre (PSN) has taken a proactive step by conducting a travel visit to selected schools beginning 2010 following rotation of states. PSN has been working closely with the Ministry of Education as well as the State Education Department to materialize the programme to a more specific target group.

Apart from that, PSN has also planned the programme for the rural communities in several locations, including at the Satellite Science Centre in Gemencheh to experience the facilities provided by PSN. To strengthen in the implementations thus making it more informative, PSN invited MOSTI agencies and other invited agencies from the state and local government. This programme is unique from the others due to the displays which are simple and portable.

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