Sports & Spinach Thematic Exhibition, The New Attraction at PSN

National Science Centre – Simultaneous with the Star Trek themed exhibition in progress, the National Science Centre also organizes themed exhibitions Sports & Spinach which has been open since December 22, 2012 the last. The exhibition, which brought in especially from Denmark will be at the National Science Centre until August 31, 2013 held at the gallery while level 2.

Sports & Spinach is in line with the concept of this exhibition that provides interesting information about the experiences and health through exercise and nutrition. Pamerannnya materials are interactive and divided into 3 sections, The Park, The Body Check and Family Kitchen.

Visitors will have the opportunity to do a variety of recreational activities through exhibits like The Skipamatic, Hop Scotch and Stepping-Stone Jumping. In addition, visitors will also be able to measure the level of health screenings such as BMI, blood pressure, body fat and total body fitness level.